Can We Be Honest For A Second?

There's this myth that you have to love every piece of yourself in order to experience self-love. That you need to love every inch of your body in order to have body confidence.

But there's harm that comes with that line of thinking. We can fall into a deadly trap of self-denial when we are expecting to love every piece of ourselves. We become afraid to look at the ways we show up in our lives. We are afraid to see parts of ourselves that aren't so beautiful. We are afraid to accept the fact that we gained 30 pounds. We don't want to admit that we are oftentimes self-centered or critical of others. Or that we can be spoiled and short-tempered. Whatever it is, we don't look at it. Instead, we project it onto the people around us. They did this to me, they are so critical, they are incredibly judgmental. Well, how are you all of those things as well?

Self-acceptance requires radical courageous honesty.

And when you aim for self-acceptance, it brings an unshakeable power. Because when you know who you are, no one can take away your power. You will feel sad. You will feel anger. You will feel hurt, of course. But you won't be taken down. You will rise. You will thrive. You will use those situations to help you get back up again.

I'm a coach and a leader. I inspire people to experience joy and bring play into their lives. I'm empathic, patient, courageous and vulnerable. And I am also stubborn, timid, impatient and judgmental. I am all of these things. And in all of these things, I know my core. I know my values. And I know my intent is good.

We are all looking to feel whole. What we don't realize is we are already whole right now, we just need to see that wholeness encompasses all.

Seeing your wholeness,