If We Were Drinking Tea Together, I'd Tell You

My friend Jamie Mendell, who I am co-leading the 2014 Holiday Challenge with, wrote a series of blog posts that I adored called "If We Were Having Coffee Right Now, I'd Tell You...". I loved the concept because I felt like I was actually having coffee with her and I often feel like I wish I could have coffee with YOU! So I thought I'd try it out. And I'd love to hear from you too, if you desire. What would you tell me if we were having coffee? Share here!

Today I will be having an almond milk latte. How about you?

If we were having coffee right now, I'd tell you that there is a lot of amazingness going on in my life and also a lot of uncertainty. When is life *not* like that, though? You know?

I moved into my adorable apartment and it's starting to feel so cozy! It's coming together day by day but I am still waiting for my handyman to come to mount my TV, put up my curtains, and hang up my mirrors. I can't wait for that to happen!! I love living alone as it's great to be able to come back to my place and just collapse without worrying about anyone else, but I also can't blame my mess on anyone else. When I leave my dishes in the sink overnight, it's all on me. And that happens way too often ;)

I love hosting people in my apartment and I'm excited to have the Soul Camp team over here tomorrow for a big 2015 planning meeting. Things are really moving at an exciting pace with Soul Camp. I have lots to tell you about it but I can't tell you just yet!!! I have a hard time keeping secrets but this is one I have to keep for now. Stay tuned! We had our reunion last month and it was so great to bring everyone together again. Soho was buzzing from all of the joy!

If we were having coffee I'd probably explain why there are bumps all over my face and how frustrating it is. I have this thing called cold uticaria, which is an allergy to the cold. It sounds as crazy as it is, but it's a real thing. My skin literally breaks out in hives when it comes into contact with the cold wind. It makes living in NYC difficult and I'm *really* thinking of trying to get away most of the winter. Dreaming of tropical climates and pina coladas...

If we were having coffee I'd tell you that I had a major self-care day on Sunday and cooked a lot for the week!! I made homemade chicken soup, a quinoa salad and lots of almond milk for my morning smoothies. It felt so good to have that done and to not have to create something new for every meal. I want to do this every week, and I think I can do it- it was super easy!

If we were having coffee, I'd tell you that I am so ready for a relationship. I am dating a lot more right now and that feels like a major form of self-care since this is something I desire. It's scary as all hell and also super exciting and fun at the same time. And I had a *major* breakthrough last week. I realized that I've been avoiding rejection for so long but I not only made it through rejection, I actually feel OKAY. And I have all the tools I need to not shrivel and shrink when it occurs. Because it's not about me. Because I know how incredible I am and if it's not him, it's someone thats' a better fit for me. Because I have developed a deep unbreakable bond with my soul, and a little rejection can't destroy that. And that feels more empowering than anything else I've ever experienced. Hell to the yeah!

If this song came on in the coffee shop, I'd squeal because it's my fave right now!

If we were having coffee, what would you share with me? Comment here and let's chat :)

Talk soon. Big hug!!