SEO for the Non-Profit Organization

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If you’re a non-profit organization, you may have a very low marketing budget and also be highly determined by your internet site to attain your audience. This is a very distressing situation.

Let’s imagine you are an animal rescue organization. You’ve written very enthused copy about animal rescue and the work your company has done. You are proud of your internet site, but you need practically no traffic. Additionally, you have a manager who does not even understand what a PageRank is, however, she heard it is important. She keeps bringing it up at every staff meeting. Furthermore, you are reliant on volunteer power. Your volunteers are very committed but so overtaxed they are wandering about with one sock dangling from their ear, then mumbling to themselves. You know that theHouston SEO is an investment, but you can’t spare the money. What are you going to do?

You have a few opportunities to turn this situation around.

To begin with, I highly recommend blogging. Having a blog can personalize whatever message you are attempting to convey. In this case, you could show pictures of animals which are suffering and critters that your company has rescued. Weekly entrances can help personalize your message by chronicling the actual work which you do to help make the lives of animals better. This helps create trust in the internet users thoughts, and shows potential donors what their money will be going towards. Additionally, blogging is a good method to increase web traffic to your website. Since the website pages are so easy to update, it’s a fantastic way to keep your content fresh.

The following advantage that you have is linking chances. People who believe in your cause will need to link to you. This will raise your page rank and your own showing in the search engines. Broadly, 1 way links are more highly prized than reciprocal links. In case you’ve done any work with government agencies or civic organizations, email them and ask for a link. Be professional and polite for certain, but attempt to interest their own altruistic side. Also, find like-minded web sites and ask for links. When they write back and request a mutual link, it is no huge thing. They’re a compatible agency and your site’s visitors may find their website useful, so you put them on your own links page.

Neither technique cost much money, and will truly help your own visibility. Blogging and a connection effort do need a little investment of your own time, and you might believe that you don’t really have enough of it. However, both these activities can be scheduled to your weekly routine in manageable pieces. You’ll find that a half hour or so a day can actually make a big difference in your web site’s position in the search engines after a few months. You will be happy you made the investment. With increase visitors, there is more social consciousness of the reason you believe in. This, in turn, may cause more donations and more volunteers.

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