How to Add More Than One Link to Your Instagram Bio

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Instagram is an interesting social network because it eschews many social media promotions and yet is still quite successful. It’s focused on mobile initially, to the extent that you can’t even post from a personal computer device. Where most social networks encourage links and curated content sharing, Instagram doesn’t allow links in posts to be clickable, though you can still post them if you want. Many people focus more on keeping people on their site, not transmitting them elsewhere around the internet.

There’s only one location for a profile where a link can be clickable. That link is the best one, single available link slot in your profile biography. So , you have a choice to make. Do you link to your site? Do you link to a landing page? Do you use an affiliate connection to an Amazon storefront, to try to make some sales? Do you backlink to a rotating selection of content you’re promoting, at the loss of other content?

What if I told you there was the manner you could put more than one link in your bio? You can, but the fact is, it’s a bit of a workaround. It’s not against any Instagram terms of use or rules, so you won’t get forbidden for using this method. However , it may or may not be worthwhile for your desired goals. You’ll have to test it to find out.

The Concept
The method I’m going to propose is one that several apps have picked up to make services around, but it’s something you can also do by yourself. I’ll give you a rundown of apps and how to do it yourself once the description. So , let’s start at the beginning; what is the method, start with?

If you only have space for one link, obviously you’re likely to use it. But rather than sending people to a homepage or any other boring page, why not make it a multiple URLs hub?

Case in point Link Hubs
A link hub in this case is just a page who has multiple links leading to other pages. Instagram links into the hub, which links to pages A, B, T, D, and E. It’s like a choose your own venture page for calls to action; put several selections in place for users to choose from.

As I said, there are a few available blog for doing this automatically, but you can also do it on your own. I’ll run over how to do it yourself first, and if that seems like a lot work, you can look into the apps. Just keep in mind that, generally, often the apps are going to cost money, while the DIY method can be done to yourself with no additional resources beyond what you already have, assuming you have a site already.

The Do It Yourself Method
First up, as I talked about, you need to have a website. All you’re doing is making a sole page, essentially, which will have links leading out to different pages. This page should have the Facebook tracking pixel installed, and Google Analytics and whatever other tracking code you intend to use. It’s a landing page for Instagram traffic. Call the item something like, or whatever you like. You have custom marketing here, because it’s just another page on your website.

Currently, you want this page to be non-standard. What I mean by that is you actually don’t want to just make it a blog post format with WordPress or anything like that. It should essentially be a write off HTML file when you start, excluding all of the tracking scripts My partner and i mentioned. You don’t want all of your site navigation in addition to extraneous data; that takes away from the goal of this as being an intermediary page.

The page can have as few as well as as many links as you want it to have. One of the apps I will mention later copies each Instagram post you make, along with a clickable link, so people coming from your posts can see everywhere they want to be going visually without needing to read the links plus captions. Just keep in mind that only the first few links are going to be seen to a user without scrolling. Just like with Google search benefits, the first link is going to get the majority of the traffic, all else being equal. You can sway users to another link having graphics and more visible calls to action.

Custom Instagram Landing Page
If you’re going to go deep into graphics, I might suggest putting some work into graphic design for each call to action. Each one entry, each link, should look unique and display exactly what the user is getting when they click through. One likely have images of products in the background, one might have a stack of books to point your blog, whatever. Make something that looks good.

Speaking of each and every, the #1 thing you need to remember is that this absolutely, 100 % needs to be a responsive page. Remember, this is an Instagram web page link. The majority if your traffic will be coming from mobile devices. If your web site doesn’t look good on a mobile device, it’s not going to do its job.

Publish this page and then put your check out it in your Instagram bio. Now anyone who ticks of it or taps it will be brought to your link heart, from which they can click through to whatever content looks convincing.

There’s one more thing you should probably do; make the page noindex. Yahoo or google doesn’t like “link dump” pages, and there’s the chance they could penalize your site for it. Now, it’s really a chance; one page isn’t going to crush an entire internet site even if it is penalized, and Google will likely be smart ample to recognize it’s a landing page if the rest of your site looks okay. However , there’s no reason for the hub to be indexed and accessible via search regardless, so you might as well obscure it.

You also need to keep up with maintenance for this page. Test inbound links. Change calls to action. This is basically a particular landing page for traffic coming from Instagram. Treat it like a website, and put it through all the rigors of landing page seo that apply. Track which links are clicked and even which aren’t, remove the worst, add new ones. Spin out content that is falling out of favor.

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