Back Pain Stretching Exercises – 3 Easy Back Exercises You Can Do at Home

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If it comes to Back pain stretch exercises I will speak from experience. Having herniated discs in my spine twice and chose the choice both times to heal naturally without surgery, I have begun to compile an excellent collection of back stretching exercises that can help you to get rid of a pain by simply implementing a couple of simple back exercises that just take a couple of minutes of your time.

It is important to note that if you injure your back the very first phases usually are inflammatory since your body is fighting to attempt to defend the injured area. Be sure before you start to do any exercising or stretching that the inflammation is eliminated or at a safe level so not to cause further injury.

#1 Leg Lift to Stretch Lower Back Muscles

This stretch is made up of lying flat on your back with legs straight out in front of you on the ground. Keeping your leg as right at potential slowly raise 1 leg at a time with hands clenched behind your knee and then increase it as much as you can. Ensure that you give it a good stretch and wait for 30 minutes. Repeat for 3 times for each leg.

#2 Arm Stretch for Lower Back

Start this back exercise by getting on your hands and knees. Lower yourself as much as possible so that you are resting on your heels if at all possible. Slowly reach out straight out in front with your arms at far as possible to give your lower back a real stretch. Hold for 30 seconds, then rest for 10 seconds and repeat the procedure 3 times.

Really simple exercise to do while standing with your feet apart at shoulder width. Put your hands on your buttocks and rotate from left to right. Occasionally this exercise is known as the”wash machine” so consider it in this way if you can not visualize the action. This isn’t a race so take your time and do this for two minutes and then rest for 30 minutes. Do this for 3 repetitions.

Once you do these easy exercises that your back should feel much better by being stretched out. A lot of people just do not do easy stretching exercises that could eliminate or at least help lessen the amount of spine pain that they suffer. Do some kind of spine exercise in your daily routine and in short period of time you may notice your back feels much better and do not need to take drugs for relief.

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