Google Search Engine Optimization – What You Need to Know

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Reputation checking Software

If you have many keyphrases that you’re optimising your site for this can be quite a time consuming task assessing your current rank over all the major search engines. There is many applications and really websites that can google ranking api your rankings. The problem with this is that the search engines do not like you doing this because it takes up unnecessary bandwidth on their servers. Google used to give you an API essential for one to do this but because have ceased this support. Matt Cutts was asked if Google would ever provide this service through the webmaster resources section of their site. The reply was that this was a favorite petition and Google may in the future provide a tool for you to check some of your positions. Some people say rank is dead although I think you want rankings to get you the traffic from the search engines in the first place. Ranking software also won’t let you know how your competitors are doing and it’s always a good idea to track what they’re up to. Although inside the Google webmasters tools section of your Google accounts there is a section to view your leading performing keyphrases.

PageRank Checker

I’m not a big fan of PageRank as I think it’s not an issue. There are websites that permit you to check you are Google PageRank but if you’ve got the Google toolbar installed on your web browser it is possible to see this information every time you visit a web site. Future PageRank tools may be silent handy if you know there is a PageRank update in progress and wish to check your PageRank across different data centres to see whether your PageRank has improved.

Organic snippet Tools

I recently discovered a tool which allows you preview your page as it will look from the natural search results. This tool is useful since you can see how your page will appear before it gets indexed as after it gets indexed it may take weeks before the search engine exhibit any changes you might have made.

Keyphrases density

I feel this instrument deserves a reference as I think it is very redundant. The very best way to write content to the search engines would be do not. Compose your content so that it reads well and is informative about your topic matter and you may on most occasions see that the content is obviously keyphrase rich.

There are many different programs out there to research your website and check numbers some better than others you will only have to try them to see whether they match your requirements. On final note a computer software application can never show you every thing and also the best approach when you have time would be to do so by hand.

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